Life Choices and Work/Life Balance

For majority of employees in the workplaces, the lives of both male and female have become more occupied by the family responsibilities and other personal interests. This has emerged to be a big challenge in striking a balance between life choices and work/life balance. It is, therefore, important for companies to recognize the need to build a pivot. Research has shown that women‘s perception of the their company’s efforts to help them balance life and duties at the workplace is more positive than men’s one.

There are obvious changes in how women perceive work/life balance comparing to the past. Earlier women found it difficult to balance between these two aspects; thus, they experienced the competing pressures at work together with the demands to perform household duties. There is also a decline in men’s assistive roles, which is caused by the growing numbers of females in the workplace. Moreover, men’s absolute power is weakening due to the increasing rates of underemployment and unemployment. Women’s earning power and commitment to the paid workforce are growing, and men’s social mobility is stagnating, which results in increasing number of families that financially depend on women.

Over years, leaders have discovered that successful senior ranks manage to balance professional and home responsibilities carefully so as not to lose balance between their loved ones, fatherhood, and success. Those who have managed to balance most effectively have fairly involved their families in work decisions as they equally participate in home activities and duties. However, women value individual achievements, making a difference, and receiving respect more than men do, but appreciate the company’s achievement and gradual development and learning less. In this regard, studies have shown that women are more capable and positive in striking a balance between life choices and work/life duties.

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Nancy Bauman is a financial analyst and accounting expert. She is also an expert on business ethics and is constantly participating in university conferences as a member of the Educated Youth Movement. She regularly contributes articles related to business and loans at

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