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You need to make money, proper? For our first article, The ‘dark money’ that paid for Brexit we mapped sightings of the Metro advert, dug via Electoral Fee timetables, and discovered that they’d undoubtedly spent more than £250,000 – far more than any previous marketing campaign, greater than their accounts confirmed they might probably afford.

However I’ve acquired news for you: ranging from Caesar’s time and increasing into the 1700s, the form of dictionary money that Nick describes has been the dominant type of money in the West. Otherwise you might have already got a business and resolve to start out a weblog to convert loyal prospects.

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Nick Rowe factors out that if a central bank wants to control the financial system’s value degree, it needn’t situation any precise money—it will probably simply edit the dictionary every morning, asserting the that means of the phrase “greenback” or “yen” or “pound” to the general public.

This weblog appears to be like at monetary points for mental property rights: securitisation and collateral, IP valuation for acquisition and balance sheet functions, tax and R&D breaks, film and product finance, calculating quantum of damages-anything that happens the place IP meets money.